Get your WEARdrobe!



Wherever you're at in your style journey, there's a WbA package for you!
I work with your total budget to create a package that works for you and also ensures you get the most bang for your shopping budget as well.

Students & New Moms always get 20% Off

P.S. Most of these packages can be split up separately - just ask! Always feel free to shoot me your questions at 


The FULL REDO - Minimum Cost: $600

Feeling like you just need to start all over? Well, you probably don't have to set your entire closet on fire. Let's do this instead:

  • Style Profile - Questionnaire + Consultation = Clear Goals
    • 30min via phone or you can do the full Virtual Style Profile described below.
  • Closet Cleanse - I'll bring the Starbucks and we'll go through every single piece of clothing, pairs of shoes and accessories you own. Keep what works with the goals set out during the consult and toss or donate the rest. 2.5 Hours
  • Shopping Trip - We'll fill in the inevitable gaps left in your closet with a trip to your local mall and/or boutiques, road map in hand and a budget pre-planned. 3 Hours
  • Fashion 911 - Varies. I can come back to your place, put everything together, do a little photo shoot and add it to your online Look Book or an app AND/OR be available to you for emergency advice for three months/one style season.

The REFRESH - Minimum Cost: $300

Maybe you have a closet full of clothes but you just don't know how to put it all together. Or perhaps you're entering a new season - new job, newly single - or leaving one - lost weight, kids are in school and you're no longer a full-time SAHM. 

Then let's make this happen:

  • Analyze - We'll chat about your style goals and your stage of life while doing a mini Closet Cleanse. I'll show you how to make what's already in your closet work for you. 
  • Refresh Road Map - I'll send you a lookbook with inspiration, links and tips on achieving your new style and how to shop in the future. 
  • Fashion 911 - Text me photos or request a 5 minute Skype or FaceTime for advice whether you're in the dressing room or your bedroom putting an outfit together. Available for three months after your Refresh.



Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 12.28.35 PM.png

Virtual STYLE PROFILE - $99 - Click HERE to Buy

If you're a busy woman looking for something super budget-friendly or maybe you're just not ready for the commitment of the Redo or Refresh, this completely virtual package is for you! 

  • Consultation Questionnaire - You'll fill out a comprehensive questionnaire detailing your personal style, lifestyle and style goals as well as body measurements, celebrity inspiration and likes and dislikes.
  • One-Week Weardrobe Challenge - You'll go about your normal week sending me snaps of your OOTD (Outfit of the Day) along with a few fill-in-the-blanks
  • Analysis & Road Map - I will analyze the photos and based on our consult as well, I will put together your Virtual Look Book and personal Pinterest board. The Look Book consists of your Style Profile, Body Type Tips & Tricks, Must-Have Weardrobe Pieces, Mood Board of style inspiration, links to purchase clothes that work for you, and more!
  • Fashion 911 - This package also includes two months of emergency text-only follow-up. 
  • Discount on Other Services - Get 10% off any in-person service!

Seasonal Styling Add-On - Just looking to freshen up your closet for the new season? Choose this mini Refresh package which is the same as the full service above minus the lookbook (We'll fill out a worksheet while I'm there that you get to keep!) and the Fashion 911.

Event Styling - Got a hot date? A job interview? A wedding to attend? I'll style you like a celebrity! We can start with what's in your closet if you want or we can hit the mall. I'll pre-shop and pull items for you to try on and we'll style your jewelry and accessories as well. I even know some great hair stylists and make-up artists if you want the whole shebang. Or I can help you shop online. 

Additional Individual Services - Closet Curation and Shopping Trips can be purchased separately.