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Alana Kuwabara is a multi-passionate creative type, raised on movie musicals, Oregon Trail, AOL Instant Messenger and Black poetry.

I've combined my extensive experience in theatre and film (studying and working in Ireland, NYC and Toronto) with my style savvy built on years of reading Vogue under a salon hair dryer and expressing myself through style from as early as fourth grade when I invented the double-sock stack attack with neon green and pink crew socks (it was the 90s!) 

I've worked as a freelance fashion writer; a Director of Musical Theatre & Acting at a creative arts academy; a Resident Actor and an actress/model - all of which amounts to costuming over 200 pieces of theatre and film! 

But now, I'm on a mission to make women feel beautiful and powerful in their everyday lives.

I truly believe in the power of a well-dressed woman - for herself and anyone she encounters and I think any woman can achieve that. I love helping women at whatever stage of life they're in to look and feel their best, spend their money well, and just eliminate one of the many stressors in our modern day society. 


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