Elements of Style



for coming out to the My Sister's Closet VIP Shopping & Styling Event!

Below you can download a short worksheet that corresponds with my mini Elements of Style presentation to help you start creating a wardrobe you love to wear - a WEARdrobe.

Remember The Elements of Style:

  1. Life Style - how you live and how you get ready each day sets the boundaries for your fashion style
  2. The Inside - how do you want to feel every day? Comfortable? Chic? Beautiful? Center of Attention? One of the crowd?
  3. The Outside - how do you want others to see you? What message are you sending with your style? Everyone has style, some put more thought into than others!
  4. Body Type - it's all about proportion followed by maximizing your favorite parts and minimizing your least favorites. Get a reliable friend to help you move past your insecurities or distorted views of your own body so you can see how you really look!
  5. Inspiration - find sources of inspiration to help you put #s 1-4 into practice quickly and easily.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email at hello@weardrobebyalana.com and please take a look around my site!