It All Starts with Style

As Charles Bukowski's poem from my last post says, Style is the answer to everything. 

Most stylists start with body type and while that is definitely a high priority, all my services focus first and foremost on STYLE. 

Does shopping overwhelm and/or frustrate you? Does putting an outfit together at home give you anxiety or guilt over not being able to do it with ease? Are you just bored with your wardrobe or unable to look the way you want to in spite of how many stylish accounts you follow on the Gram and fashion magazines you read?

There are several reasons for that but the very first one is that you don't have a clearly defined style.

Once you define your style, everything else gets a lot easier and falls into place.

You'll know how to shop in any store - high or low, how to get dressed in the morning, how to handle the onslaught of trends in magazines, how to pack for a trip and so on. When you know your style, you'll work your budget so that you get the most bang for every buck with none of the guilt or shame of having items hanging in your closet that are just a waste of money because you don't wear them. 

So where do you start? My Virtual Style Profile is a good place and I recently slashed the price down to $99! This is a great first step and at the end, you'll have a style analysis, shopping tricks tailored for you and even some online pre-shopping to help you shop with more ease on your own. Plus, you get 10% off any of my other services.

The Virtual Style Profile is a less-detailed version of the full service you get with me in person and really isn't a replacement for the Starbucks and fun we have on a day of Closet Cleansing and Shopping Trips or the advantage of having someone else help you get rid of that blouse from 15 years ago that you just can't seem to let go of. 

While you're deciding if you're ready to invest in your personal style, get a FREE - that's right, FREE - MINI Style Profile RIGHT HERE. And get the same 10% off any service including the full Virtual Style Profile.

Alana Kuwabara