The Essentials Series : The Bra


The Essentials Series brings you quick tips that you can apply to your weardrobe immediately. No long prose here and not the usual info you might find on the first page of a Google search. You're going to want to copy and paste this.

Why do we cheap out on bras? We'll spend $200 on a pair of gladiator sandals that we wear sporadically for three months but a bra - that you wear every other day and is the foundation for everything you put on top of it - we hate to spend $50 on it. 

If you're ready to treat your bras like the unsung heroines they are, here's what you need to know that your mother may not have told you:

  1. You need Enough Bras (that fit, of course!) - Most women don't have a couple of bras that they rotate between. You should have at least five neutral bras that suite your skin tone. The fabric needs time to rest between wears or they will get stretched out and worn out much more quickly which, in turn, means you're buying more bras sooner or more often than you need to. Plus, it gives you a chance to, ya know, wash them.
  2. You should Always Hand Wash them - Speaking of washing, never put your bras in the washing machine and certainly never EVER in the dryer. If you have a hard time remembering that - just wear your bra into the shower and I guarantee you won't forget to wash it. That's what I do. And since I follow the first essential, I have enough bras that I never run out or have to rush and dry one so I can throw it on and leave the house.
  3. You should Try Them All On - Once you find a bra that works for you, you must try other colors on even if it's the same style in the same brand. Different washes fit differently.
  4. You should Lay Them Flat - Never fold one cup into another. Lay them flat and stack them on top of each other so they will keep their proper shape.

Which of these Essentials do you already practice? Which surprised you? Leave your comments below!


Jessa Martinez is a fabulous wife and mom of three boys with another one on the way (pray for her). She has extensive experience with boobs of all sizes as a bra fitting specialist in NYC as well as the manager of a posh Upper West Side boutique where she also styled and shopped for celebrity clients. 





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