Demystifying the Closet Edit

Edit. Audit. Cleanse. Purge. Whatever you want to call it, the act of hiring a personal stylist to go through your closet with you can be intimidating to the point of inaction.

Not to worry! I took a few photos at a recent Closet Edit to show you what it's like.

WARNING: These are normal, every day clothes in an every day house with a regular citizen. No celebrities, no Photoshop, nothing fancy. No matter the size of your wardrobe, I can pretty much guarantee you have items in it that don't suit your style, don't fit, don't work with anything else or all of the above! How do I know? Because even I have some of those pieces! Sometimes I need to hire myself!

My process starts with an online questionairre that helps me know where you're at in your style journey, what's your shape? lifestyle? goals? Once we set our date, you get busy pulling out EVERYTHING YOU OWN. That's probably the hardest part, honestly. Especially if you're like my darling client below who hid pieces she didn't want me to see HAHA! But never fear - I found them. I found everything. 

Adele actually already had some great parameters - a well-defined color palette that only needed one tweak, well-chosen basics and, believe it or not, physical limitations. Anything that creates boundaries for your style is a good thing because it both gives you direction and brings out your creativity. Adele is a cancer CONQUERER! Unfortunately, when they were doing some reconstructive breast surgery, they took skin from her thigh in a visible area. She also recently had foot surgery and has some other foots issues so she struggled with finding nice shoes that didn't hurt. 

Check out the photos below to see the process as we pulled out clothes that didn't fit her style, were old/tired and needed to be replaced as well as items that needed to be updated to contemporary styles:

We sent a LOT of clothes off to My Sister's Closet - a women's retail boutique that is a funding source for Truth for Women, a non-profit that is providing restorative care for sexually exploited women and increasing awareness about this modern slavery. 

It's very important to me that any clothing that's still wearable (some things were thrown away) gets donated to worthy local causes. Not only do I know and love the founder of the Truth Home but Adele also volunteers at the store! 

Closet Edits are fun!

"Alana came and it was like we were best friends instantly. Yet she was so professional." - Adele

With an open mind and an adventurous spirit ready to create your new and improved style, we can have a lot of laughs and moments of inspiration. Don't be intimidated! Schedule yours today!

Stay tuned for some ensemble photos we created with Adele's current wardrobe that she didn't even know she had - plus one of my favorite follow-up pieces - your perosnalized Style Playbook.


Alana Kuwabara